Selina Teece Pwerle

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DOB: 1977
BORN: Antarrengeny, Utopia NT
LANGUAGE: Alyawarr
COMMUNITY: Ampilatwatja, NT

Selina Teece Pwerle

Selina was born in 1977 on her traditional land of Antarrengeny, which lies approximately 300kms northeast of Alice Springs on Alyawarr country.  She presently lives in the Ampiltwatja community which is also in Alyawarr country with her two children and very large extended family.

Selina grew up surrounded by the then emerging artists that were just finding their artistic talents in the new art movement that exploded in the Utopia region in the late ’70s and ’80s, with the introduction of batik work on silk and later acrylic paint on canvas.  Selina has fond memories of playing around these artists as they painted, with the children of other artists, when she accompanied her mother Lulu Petyarre Teece known for her silk batik work and beautiful landscapes. Selina watched and learnt from these women even developing her hand in the labour-intensive task of dotting as she helped her mother, aunts and elders fill-up the backgrounds of their stories on canvas with colourful dots.

The theme for her paintings relates to the stories from her father’s country Antarrengeny.  Her painting style can vary from patterns of intricate dots when illustrating a landscape of her country to bold linear work when representing body paint design.  Selina is also inspired by other designs that she sees in her country, such as the Kurrajong seeds and pods, Gum blossoms of the Bloodwood tree and Akatyerre – Bush tomato.  Selina is constantly experimenting with design and colour.

Selina’s artworks have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and received with great enthusiasm and interest. Through Selina’s hard work she has established herself as a very important emerging Australian artist.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 A Vision of Country: Australian Aboriginal Landscapes, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2013 Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2012 Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle
2012 Country, Alpitye at Byron, Byron Bay
2012 Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2011 Mother and Daughters in Lore, Alpitye at Port, Port Macquarie
2011 Outback Art, Canberra
2010 Mother and Daughter, Artitja Fine Arts, Fremantle
2010 Outback Art, Canberra
2009 Alpitye At Port, Port Macquarie
2009 Outback Art, Canberra
2009 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2009 Ancient Lands/Modern Landscapes, Booker-Lowe Gallery, Houston, USA
2008 Alpitye At Byron, Byron Bay
2008 Alpitye At Port, Port Macquarie
2008 Cultural Connections, Desert Stories Artitja Fine Arts, Fremantle
2008 Outback Aboriginal Art, Melbourne
2008 Outback Art, Canberra
2007 Alpitye At Port, Port Macquarie
2007 Cultural Connections, Desert Stories, Artitja Fine Arts, Fremantle
2007 Outback Aboriginal Art, Melbourne

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