Julie Nangala Robertson

DOB: c.1973
BORN: Yuendumu, NT

Julie Robertson

Julie Robertson Nangala

Julie Nangala Robinson was born in Yuendumu in 1973, Julie Nangala is one of five daughters of well-known Telstra Award-winning artist, Dorothy Napangardi. Since the late 1990s, while often in the company of her talented mother, Julie has pursued and developed a creative visual language all of her own, one which consists of a fascinating blend of stylised experimentation and ancient narrative.

Julie paints graphically minimal and contemporary designs of her country Pirlinyanu, a land of rocky outcrops and deep water springs. She has moved beyond traditional iconography and created her own visual language, making her an exciting and innovative artist to watch.

She paints Pirlinyanu, a water Dreaming site (Ngapa Jukurrpa) near Mina Mina, for which she is the traditional custodian. In recent years, she has started to paint on a regular basis and has exhibited in numerous group shows.

The site of Pirlinyarnu (Mt Farewell), is located about 165km west of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. Two Jangala men, rainmakers, sang the rain, unleashing a giant storm that collided with another storm from Wapurtali. The two storms travelled across the country, from Kalimpinpa near Kintore. A Kirralanji (brown falcon) carried the storm further west until it dropped the storm at Pirlinyarnu, forming an enormous Maliri (lake). A mulju (water soakage) exists in this place today. At Puyurru the bird dug up a ‘warnayarra’ (rainbow serpent). The serpent carried water with it to create another large lake. Whenever it rains today hundreds of ‘ngapangarlpa’ (bush ducks) still flock to Pirlinyarnu. The ‘kirda’ (custodians) for this Jukurrpa (dreaming) are the Jangala/Jampijinpa men and Nangala/Nampijinpa women.

  • University of Waikato, New Zealand

2021 Julie Nangala Robinson – Pirlinyanu, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021 Top 20 2021, Art Mob, Hobart
2020 Murdie Leads the Pack, Art Mob, Hobart
2020 Across the Top 2020, Art Mob, Hobart
2020 Pointillism Perfection, Art Mob, Hobart
2020 Dorothy’s Daughters and Friends, Art Mob, Hobart
2020 Top 20 Exhibition, Art Mob, Hobart
2019 defining tradition | black + white, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2019 International Women’s Day, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2017 The Nangala Sisters, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2015 Warlukurlangu Artists in residence, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2014 Dorothy Remembered, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney

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