Kaye Pula Beasley

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DOB: 10 August 1956
BORN: Ampilatwatja, NT
COMMUNITY: Ampilatwatja, NT

Kay Pula Beasley

Kaye Pula Beasley is sister to Ampilatwatja Artist Ada Pula Beasley and daughter to Artist Jilly Holmes. She started painting in 2010 for Wutunugurra Community Art Centre. Later she painted for Ampilatwatja Art Centre, but stopped for a number of years when she became ill.  Over the last twelve months, Kaye Pula has commenced painting again.

Kaye paints landscapes of her father’s country and bush medicine and has developed her own striking interpretation. Kaye’s Bendy Flowers is a strong modernistic depiction of a common type of bush flower that appears after the rain, while the arcs of the flower stem call to mind the hilly country surrounding Wutunugurra.

Kaye Pula Beasley worked as an assistant teacher at the school, and assisted literacy programs in the community, along with maintaining her painting practice.

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