Patrick Tjungarrayi

DOB: c1943
BORN: Jupiter Well
COMMUNITY: Balgo, Kiwirrkura

Patrick Tjungurrayi is a distinguished Pintupi artist and the winner of the 2008 Western Australian Indigenous Art Award, at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth.  Born around 1943 at Yalangerri near Jupiter Well in the Western Desert, his work is distinguished by a dynamic contemporary abstraction that builds on the classic Papunya Tula cartographic style using a complex of intricately dotted square and circular forms and a vibrant colour palette.

Patrick Tjungurrayi grew up in the remote deserts of Western Australia learning the traditional nomadic skills for hunting and ceremony which were passed on by his family. The migrations that occurred amongst the Pintupi in the 1970s’ saw Tjungurrayi and his family relocate to Balgo Mission, then in 1981 to Walungurru (Kintore) (the hub for Pintupi art at the time) and finally in the mid1980s back to Balgo. It was at this time that he began to paint for Warlayirti Artists (under the name of Patrick Oloodoodi Tyjungurrayi), the new art centre, only to move to Kiwirrkurra in the early 1990s where he joined Papunya Tula artists and began painting regularly for them. Since then, he has painted both for Papunya Tula, Balgo and independent dealers in Alice Springs. His sister is established Balgo painter Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi and his brother is the Papunya Tula painter, Brandy Tjungurrayi.

The subject of Tjungurrayi’s painting relate to his country of birth around Yalangerri.  Initially he painted in different styles, depending on whether he was painting for the Balgo art centre or for that at Kiwirrkurra. This has more recently  developed a hybrid of the two. In combining the colour of Balgo art with the geometry of the classic Papunya Tula style, his paintings symbolically reunite Anangu culture from around Wilkinkarra. His early subjects include Tingari, Rainbow Serpent, Thunderstorm and Lightning Dreamings, Rockholes and Soakages.

  • ongong, NSW

2010 27th NATSIAA, Darwin – Finalist
2009 26th NATSIAA, Darwin – Finalist
2008 25th NATSIAA, Darwin – Finalist
2006 23rd NATSIAA, Darwin – Finalist and General Painting Award
2004 Alice Springs Art Award – Highly Esteemed
2003 Visual Arts Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
2000 5th National Indigenous Heritage Art Award, Canberra – Runner up
1997 Commission for the Casino in Sydney
1996 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Board, Australia Council for the Arts: Joint runner up: National Indigenous Heritage Award
1996 Northern Territory Art Award – Alice Springs – Winner
1996 Australia Council for the Arts: Two years Visual Arts Fellowship
1995 12th NATSIAA, Darwin – Finalist
1995 Australia Council for the Arts, One year fellowship
1992 Linda Syddick was the subject of a portrait painted by Robert Hannaford, which was a finalist in Australia’s premiere portrait competition, the 1992 Archibald Prize
1992 Blake Prize for Religious Art, Sydney – Finalist
1991 Blake Prize for Religious Art, Sydney – Finalist
1990 Blake Prize for Religious Art, Sydney – Finalist

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

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