Dolly Mills Petyarre

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DOB: 1948
COMMUNITY: Utopia, Northern Territory

Dolly Petyarre Mills was born at Boundary Bore Outstation in the Utopia Community of the Northern Territory.  Dolly lives with her sister, Gloria (Glory) Petyarre Mills, at Boundary Bore and are full sisters to Greeny Petyarre Purvis..

Dolly participated in the ‘Utopia a picture story 88 silk batiks”, Robert Holmes a Court collection which was a turning point for the Utopian artists.
The delicate patterning and subtle colours of Dolly’s work depicts her country of Alhalker situated in the Utopia region north east of Alice Springs.

The major subject of her work is in association with the Yam (Anaty) Dreaming and Emu Tucker (Ankerr) Dreaming.

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